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Francesco's Leveled creatures-items mod 4.5b

- Changelog
Installation / Uninstallation Notes
- Shivering Isles
- Introduction
Detailed Description:
     Main File
       - Combat Behavior
Living Economy
     Items Add-On
     Creatures Add-On

     Optional files 1:
       - Leveled Quests
Leveled Arena
Leveled Guards
     Optional files 2:
       - Dungeons Chests Loot
Houses Chests Loot
Dungeons Chests Locks
     Optional files 3:
       - Chance of More Enemies
Chance of Stronger Enemies
Chance of Stronger Bosses
     Optional files 4:
       - New Adventurers
More Wilderness Life
Vendors Tweaks
     Optional files Misc:
       - Slower Skills
Respawn Time
Day Lenght Rescale
Level Up Mini-mod
     In-game Customizability

4.5b changes:
Changes to the Items Add-on:
- Fixed an issue that caused skeletons to occasionally have two weapons instead of one.

Changes to the Creatures Add-on:
- Zombie Races are now not-playable as they are supposed to be

Misc Changes:

- The Chance of More Enemies plug-in is now installed even if installing the SI version of the mod and selecting to not merge the files
Living Economy is now correctly installed even if installing the SI version of the mod without the items add-on.
The SI optional, non merged, files don't keep the SI prefix anymore after the installation is completed

Shivering Isles:
- The mod has been updated to deal with the official expansion. Every part of the mod now works in the new lands too. A lev 9-12 char at least is now recommended to adventure in the Shivering Isles.
- The forging Amber/Madness weapons system has been completely redone in the Leveled Quests plug-in for a more realistic and non leveled experience (see the Leveled Quests section for more info)
- Durable weapons now have a chance to be found in Tamriel too, this will ensure better continuity between the main land and the expansion (the feature can be turned off with the in game menu, see the mod customizability section)
NOTE: Shivering Isles is NOT required for the mod to work, you are still able to install the non SI version of the mod

Changes to the core of the mod or to optional plug-ins:
- Fixed an issue in the loot tables that caused magical armors to be rarer than how they are supposed to be in chests.
- Fixed an issue that caused key locked chests to spawn in particular quests dungeons where they weren't supposed to spawn (Dungeons Chests Locks)
- Fixed an issue of the More Wilderness Life plug-in that caused a particular quest to be  impossible to complete due to a few wrongly placed spawn points.
- Kvatch has been rebalanced, it is now a little harder at lower levs and easier at higher levs (Leveled Quests)
- Tweaked guards equipment, in previous versions of the mod (and vanilla oblivion) every city guard had both a sword and a bow and always used the bow unless the opponent got too close, now some guards will use the sword, other the bow.. providing a more varied experience.
- Guards have been rebalanced to be a little more competitive at higher levels.
- Fixed an issue that caused road patrolling guards to stay still if the patrol leader was killed (Leveled Guards)
- Fixed an issue that caused the fenced money requests to do the Thives Guild quests to not bet the supposed ones (Leveled Quests)
- The arena champion has received some balance tweaks to make him a little more harder to defeat (Leveled Arena)

Changes to the Items Add-on:
- Armored Circlets have been added (50+ variants). Female NPCs will have a chance to equip one of them, they will also be foundable in chests and buyable at the Red Diamond Jewellery store.
- Added rusted variants of iron and steel weapons, undeads and skeletons will often use them instead of the normal ones
- Illuminate Staves are now buyable at Rindir's Staves
- Fixed a couple of magical weapons that were mising their enchantment.
- Changed the non trasparent background of a couple of shields to the default transparent one.

Changes to the Creatures Add-on:
- Added several variants of race-based zombies. Dead imperials, elves, orcs etc. of both sexes can now be encountered in undead themed dungeons.
- Added a bunch of new creatures and new creatures variants
- Added a few new reagents
- Guars are passive more ofren now

Misc Changes:
- The installer should now able to properly register the BSA files on Windows Vista

Special thanks to Newraven, Adonnay and Swell for their help with translations.

- Keep in mind that after completing the installation you still need to load the installed files in the data files section of oblivionlauncher.exe
- The mod requires the official 1.2 patch (and/or SI) to be installed
- To uninstall the mod, please use the uninstaller located into your oblivion\data\Francesco's mod dir. If you remove the files manually without using the uninstaller, please remember, if you did install the items/creatures add-on, to also remove the FraNewItems.BSA and FranNewCrea.BSA entries from your Oblivion.INI file
- The
Shivering Isles version of the mod will obviously not work without the official expansion installed

Since the 4.5 release the mod deals with the official expansion too. Every part of the mod now affects SI with the same approach vanilla Oblivion is dealt with. This doesn't however mean that SI is required, if you don't have the official expansion you can install the non SI version of the mod. Apart from expanding the mod to work in the new lands the SI version has some new unique features too like the Amber/Madness Items Forging System Overhaul (check the Leveled Quests section for more info).
A lev 9-12 char at least is now recommneded to adventure in the Shivering Isles.


Tired that nearly all creatures level up with you? Bored that at level 25 every bandit of the world are god-like ones with daedric equipment?
Then this mod is for you. I think that the game has to be challenging but that not every fight has to be an epic one.
This mod aims to create a more realistic and enjoyable experience, it will not make the game easier, just more credible (it actually can make it harder depending on the parts you decide to install)
This mod changes nearly all the creatures lists to make them more static. Even if you will still find very strong stuff at high levels you will often (for example) find normal skeletons and zombies in dungeons, wolves and imps in the wilderness and so on.. not every bandit will level up with you but some of them will be static.. I also changed most leveled items lists, in vanilla oblivion at say level 20 you used to find only high level armors and weapons and low-mid stuff nearly disappeared from the game, now it will be much harder to find high lev equipment, and low-mid lev one will still be common later in the game.
One of the strenghts of this mod is it's modular nature.. every part of the mod is optional and you are able to customize it to your taste during the installation.
The optional parts cover many things like
guards (all guards used to keep leveling up with you, so no matter how strong you were they were always a bit stronger than you. Using this part of the mod, while some guards still level up with you, many of them will stop at about levels 15-25. Stronger guards will usually defend more important places/people), vendors (you used to find chainmail/dwarven mithril/orcish armors and weapons in creatures/npcs loot before seeing their appearance in shops, this made armor/weapons vendors nearly useless after reaching level 6-7, now you will find those stuff in shops many levels before but at increased prices), new unique enemies/bosses (a small chance to find stronger unique bosses with names and personalized combat styles/loot), more enemies (more creatures/npcs in dungeons, aviable in three variants) houses/dungeons chests (improved, more interesting, diverse and often more rewarding but still balanced loot), quests (tweaked main and guilds quests to make late quests harder for unexperienced characters, forcing to level up so you can't become master of the fighters guild at lev 8), arena (later ranks will be much harder for weak chars so you can't win it with a low lev character) and much much more (read the full readme for a complete list with detailed info).
There's also an
items add-on which adds a ton of new top quality user made weapons and armors to my loot lists and a creatures add-on adding many quality user made creatures.
The mod also provides very detailed
in game customizability
features.. via an easy to use in game menu you are able to change lots of settings in a couple of clicks. Check the right section in this readme for more info on in game customziability.
Plese read the full description below for detalied info on all the parts of the mod.

Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items mod - Main file -
This is the required file for my mod to work, it's the core of the mod, where every change to the scaling system of npcs and items was done. Can't list every change here, check the readme after the installation. The main esm file also contains many leveled lists used by the optional parts.
You can choose between a few variants of the main file.. you can decide to have Lyrondor's combat Behavior mod and/or MOBS mod merged into it, and you can choose between 3 different types of loot. You can also decide to install the mod with integrated Living Economy mod. Below you can find a small description of the optional components you can decide to install togeter with the main file.
You can install the mod with 3 different loot systems, where the hardcore and extra-hardcore loots make valuable items rarer and a lot rarer compared to the normal one. You can find a detailed comparison between the various loot systems in the loot spreadsheet contained in the same dir of this readme.
Since the 4.0 release the loot system is fully in game customizable via an easy to use in game menu, see the mod's customizability section.

-- Francesco's leveled creatures-items mod with Lyrondor's combat Behavior --
Lyrondor Combat Behavior mod, changes Ai combat/fighting behaviors... the goal is to provide more diverse fights... sometimes more challenging.    The version included into this mod was tweaked to give creatures/generic npcs about a 20% chance to spawn with Combat Behavior tweaks disabled.. this will ensure even more diverse fights! More info about the combat Behavior mod can be found in the readme. This optional component also adds a feeling script, generic npcs like bandits will have a small chance to flee during combat, the chance is based on both the remainng heath of the npc and a comparison between the npc's level and the player's one.. so npcs weaker than the player will have higher chances to flee.

Some creatures/NPCs will:

- Block more/less often bsp; 
- Do more/less different Power Attacks 
- Do more/less strafing around you as you block with a shield, or from a distance while targeting you with ranged attacks 
- Do more/less regular Attacks
- Do more/less Rushing Attacks
- Add/removes a give amount of Recoil/Stagger Bonus to Attacks - Disable Fleeing before/during a fight (Demoralize spells can still affect fleeing behavior)

The new parameters are governed by percentages, mostly, and new multipliers, so it doesn't mean that the very first Skeleton Champion or Troll you'll encounter will automatically and immediately be more aggresive for the whole fight. The key word here is "potential". It's a simple matter of how lucky you were to encounter one or multiple enemies that actually uses the new potential of higher aggressivity and/or efficiency.

-- Francesco's leveled creatures-items mod with MOBS --
Medieval Oblivion Equipment Balance System
, MOBS rebalances every weapon of the game giving them a more realistic and credible feeling. Range and speed will be lowered (way too high in the vanilla game) while the damage will be overall raised. Every material will now feel more diverse.. glass and elven weapons for example will be faster and lighter (with lesser durability too) while others material like ebony and daedric will have uber damages but won't be that fast, it will still be worth using higher lev materials.. but this increased diversity between materials will add a bit of realism. Arrows will do more damage and will be faster.. but thanks to the reduced backwards running speed close range archery won't be effective like in the vanilla game.. This could also increase the challenge for some type of chars. You can find a spreadsheet containing detailed stats of every weapon of the game in your Francesco's mod dir. Below you can find a description of all the changes that will be done by this part of the mod:

- Reach, reach has been shortened a fair bit. The reaches in default were too long and it looked weird. You will need to get closer now, but it will look better, as if your weapon is actually hitting the target and as if they can hit you. 
- Speed, speed has been reduced to give the weapons more diversity and to give them a more realistic 'feel'. Glass and elven weapons will be faster than those made of other materials (but it will still be worth using higher lev materials like ebony thanks to their uber damage).
- Damage, damage increases in the usual way with new materials. However scaling is now fixed to a percentage basis, rather than the unbalanced default system whereby weapons with lower damaged increased disproportionately. For example in the default daggers damage increases around 200% from iron to daedric but the longsword increases by only about 100%. This meant the daggers became the most powerful weapon late game. Now all weapons increase percentage wise as follows to maintain the balance. Damage in general has been increased.
- Weight, weight is a more important property than in the default because it has much more of an effect on fatigue burn. Steel has been made to be of the same weight of iron, glass and elven weapons are now lighter than the others materials but they have lesser durability too. Weapons in general are noticiably lighter (expecially higher level ones).
- Fatigue, three game settings concerning fatigue have been altered. The base cost of swinging a weapon or fists is reduced from 7 to 5. Hand to hand will be less fatiguing. The effect that weight of a weapon has on your fatigue as you swing it is increased dramatically. The result is that all weapons will fatigue you more, especially heavier weapons. 
- Power Attacks, the amount of fatigue you lose from performing a power attack has been reduced from 5x a normal swing to 3.5x to stop them from being overly fatiguing. The speed of power attacks has been increased, so as to prevent them form being too slow with the new slower weapon speeds, and to increase their speed from default. So power attacks will be more viable than in the default, for more interesting combat.
- Melee sneak attack bonuses scale up more smoothly as you become better at sneaking:

  Novice Apprentice Journeyman Expert Master
Default 3x 6x 6x 6x 6x
Mobs 4x 6x 6x 6.5x 7x

- Damage, the new ineffectiveness of archery at close ranges (see reduced running backwards speed below) allows for arrow damage to be increased alot. Arrows do 1.5x more damage than default. NPC archers will be more dangerous because of this.
- Arrow Speed and Physics, arrows' speed through the air has been increased 1.8x to better reflect the speed of a real arrow. This will make it easier to hit moving targets and harder to avoid being hit. The way arrows behave, such as bounce off things and arc through the air has been tweaked for more realism
- Arrow Recovery, fired arrows will last longer before disappearing. From 90 to 600. Maximum fired arrows that can exist before they begin to replace each other has been increased from 15 to 50. The chance of recovering a fired arrow from the body of a dead opponent is increased from 50% to 75%.
- Marksman Sneak Attacks, marksman sneak attack bonuses scale up more smoothly as you become better at sneaking

  Novice Apprentice Journeyman Expert Master
Default 2x 3x 3x 3x 3x
Mobs 1.5x 2x 2.5x 3x 3.5x

- Reduced Running backwards speed
, the speed you can run backwards is decreased so you can't sprint backwards as fast as you can forwards. Backpedaling archer/mage was too imbalancing and boring, now you will need a bit more tactic in this type of fights.

- Reach
, Hand to hand reach has been reduced slighty so it is equal to the dagger.
- Damage, Hand to hand damage is up slightly,.The amount of fatigue damage that hand to hand does has been increased by a factor of 3x. This means that hand to hand will weaken opponents, meaning that they will do less damage and be in danger of collapsing. Hand to hand has been strengthened in many ways because other weapons are more fatiguing and slower. This is where the advantage of hand to hand lies.

If you want to know more about MOBS check its official forums thread

-- Francesco's leveled creatures-items with Living Economy --
Living Economy
tweaks many things related to the economy of the game's world, the goal is to make it more credible and dynamic. If you install this togeter with the new items add-on LE will take care also of every new item giving it regional/dynamic prices. Below you can find a small description of what LE does (this is just a small summary, you can find the full readme inside Francesco's mod dir)  Note: the LE version bundled in this mod has been rebalanced a little to make player's life a bit harder, items selling price has been lowered a bit and vendors will usually have more gold.

Dynamic Barter Gold/Barter Renewal:
No more infinite gold. Makes ALL player transactions affect a merchant's barter gold. If you sell an item for 400 gold, the merchant's gold will go down by 400 gold and vice versa. Repairs, Recharges and Spell purchases also affect the merchant's barter gold. The NPC's Mercantile skill will be the main factor in determining their gold. Additional factors are the player's Mercantile skill and/or his level. Additionally, different merchant types will have different base gold values. Smiths will have more gold than a common merchant reflecting the often expensive prices of arms, while a pawnbroker will have less. Different merchant types will reset their barter gold to base after different amount of days. A common trader will reset their gold every 3 days by default, while a smith resets it every 5 days.

Merchant Skill Progression/Complementary Player Mercantile Progression:  
Now a merchant's mercantile skill will no longer be static. It will dynamically change according to how often the player barters with them. The formulas used are in-par with the speed of the player's mercantile skill. This would make your most visited merchants have a higher Base Barter Gold and raise their prices according to their skills. Their skill will also decay back to their base skill with time to prevent all merchants reaching a master level. The player now has the facility to increase his Mercantile skill based NOT ONLY on the quantity of the transactions, but on the size of the transactions. The burden of needing to sell items individually to achieve significant progress is now lightened.

Random Transactions:
Random merchant transactions, the merchant's gold fluctuate at the start of everyday according to their mercantile skill. Everyday a number of randomly simulated purchases/sales are calculated which alter the net gold of the merchant. The merchant's skill determines the amount of transactions made.

Shop Based/Quantity Bases Prices:
Smiths will offer more gold for arms and repair hammers while paying nothing for miscellaneous clutter. Magic shops will pay handsomely for any soul gems, Aylied stones or staves you may find in your travels. Trader's will pay base price for everything. Prices will also adjust according to the amount of the item a merchant has. A smith that only has 1 hammer left will not let go of it so cheaply (or pay handsomely for another); however, if he had too many in stock, he let them go cheaper.

Regional Prices:
Different Cities will offer different prices for different types of items. Also introduces Global Economy and Local Economy factors that will modify prices of all items in their respective places (whole province or local city). You'll be able to sell weapons in Leyawiin for a higher price than you would on Skingrad, buy glass items cheaper on Cheydinhal, sell luxury items higher on Anvil, etc (you can check the spreadsheet contained in Francesco's mod dir for the full list of regional modifiers). This gives the player incentives for visiting different shops and cities to get the best deals when selling loot or buying new supplies. Note: This applies also to all the items of the new items add-on, if using it.

Francesco's new items add-on
Adds new third party armors and weapons. There will be a chance to find them in every type of loot, chests, npcs/creatures loot etc. The chance is not big.. you will still get vanilla items most of the times. High lev items are rarer compared to lower lev ones. Lower lev items will also have a chance to spawn in vendors. There are also 2 magical variants of every new item.. the current add-on features about 1.400 new normal+magic items.
These weapons and armors were rebalanced to fit well in the mod.. most of the them were simply too powerfull.powerful. Screenshots of all the included stuff can be found in installer. Keep in mind that you have to download and install the add-on containing all the textures and meshes of the items for this part of the mod to work!  The items add-on also adds new  illuminate staves (aviable in 13 different variants)  to loot of Necros, Conjurers and other mages.
New in 4.5: Added 50 armored circlets (and a dozen of magical variants). Female NPCs will have a small chance to equip one of them, there will also be a small chance to find them in chests. A few of them are buyable at the Red Diamond Jewellery store in the IC. NOTE: The circlets cannot be equipped by beast races (credits to Kafei)
New in 4.5:
Added new sets of rusted iron and  steel weapons/armors, undeads and skeletons will often use them instead of the normal ones (credits to Koldron, Windsurfer, Martigen and Daemoncleaner for the resources)

A list of included  items can be found below. Iin case a weapon set is tagged as buyable it means that the lower lev variants are buyable in shops. Even if an item can be found in vendors the chance of this happening is random.. so you have to be a little lucky and/or visit a few shops before finding what you are looking for... keep also in mind that the apparence of these items in vendors is related to your level as any other item of the game.


A+ Stats better than Daedric/Glass
A Stats similiar to Daedric/Glass
B Stats similiar to Ebony/Elven
C Stats similiar to Orcish/Mithril
D Stats similiar to Dwarven/Chainmail
E Stats similiar to Steel/Leather
F Stats similiar to Iron/Fur


Full amor sets: 23
Name Author Buyable Heavy/Light Quality
Dragon Knight Armor Drakonnen No  Heavy  A
ArchMage BattleArmor Axeface No  Heavy  B
Noble Armor Ulath Yes Heavy  C
Templar Armor L@zarus No Heavy  C
Scalemail Armor PJ Yes Heavy  E
Heaven's Fury Armor Jerros No Heavy  A+
Gold Mithril Armor Sin No Light  A
Braided Armor Cgramnaes No Light  B
Bronze Chain Armor Ino Zenosis Yes Light  D
Draconic Armor Bad Any Yes Light  C
Cured Leather Armor Neela Yes Light  E
Armored Robes (5 variants) L@zarus Yes Light  E - D - C - B - A
Decorated Fur Armor Frankpants Yes Light  F
Lamellar Armor Frankpants Yes Light  E
Composite Armor PJ Yes Light  D
Chaindress smitty Yes Light  D
Cerimonial Steel Armor GuarTriner No Heavy  D
Dark Paladin Armor cultbrain No Heavy  A
Reinforced Chain Cuirass Francesco Yes Heavy  F
Griffin Armor Phitt No Light  C
Void Mirror Armor Oddbasket No Light  A+
Dragon Scale Armor Aragorn24 No Light  A+
Red Leather Armor Ino Zenosis Yes Light  C


Helmets: 22
Name Author Buyable Heavy/Light Quality
Horned full helm L@zarus No Heavy  D
Pegasus Helmet gorgonzola3000 No Heavy  A+
Ebony closed helm L@zarus No Heavy  B
Ancient Sallet Mr.Dave No Heavy  C
Daedric Sallet Mr.Dave No Heavy  A
Iron Sallet Mr.Dave Yes Heavy  F
Dark Legion Helmet Tigin No Heavy  C
Closed Steel Helm GuarTriner Yes Heavy  E
Death Dealer Helm ragethesage No Heavy  A+
Dark Helmet  XMarksTheSpot No Heavy  B
Closed Chainmail Helm GuarTriner Yes Light  D
Glass Sallet Mr.Dave No Light  A
Legion Kettle Helm Mr.Dave Yes Light  D
Helmet of the Stars ayhan No Light  A+
Crusader Helm Grimdeath/Cryo No Heavy  B
Archers chainmail helm ayhan No Light  C
Orcish Closed Helm  Phitt Yes Heavy  C
Steel Sallet Phitt Yes Heavy  E
Ebony Sallet Phitt No Heavy  B
Knight Steel Helmet Phitt No Heavy  D
Light Horned Helm GuarTriner Yes Light  D
Steel Spiked Helm GuarTriner Yes Heavy  D


Shields: 51
Name Author Buyable Heavy/Light Quality
Red Dragon Shiled Zynthar No Heavy  A
Silver Skull Shield Zynthar Yes Heavy  D
Yin-Yang Shield Zynthar Yes Heavy  C
Dragon Knight Shield Drakonnen No Heavy  B
Noble Shield Ulath Yes Heavy  D
Tribal Defender Thomas Bramall No Heavy  B
Bronze Shield Tigin Yes Heavy  D
Pegasus shield gorgonzola3000 No Heavy  A+
Orcish nobilty shield MarkQuinn Yes Heavy  C
Heavy scutum  Grumblepunk Yes Heavy  D
Battle iron shield (11 var.) MarkQuinn Yes Heavy  F
Copper Shield PJ Yes Heavy  E
Golden Shield PJ Yes Heavy  D
Runic Shield PJ No Heavy  B
Red Runic Shield PJ No Heavy  A
Blue Runic Shield PJ No Heavy  A
Sanguine Shield PJ No Heavy  A+
Celtic Shield Gervas Yes Heavy  E
Lion Shield Gervas No Heavy  B
Acient Copper Shield Gervas Yes Heavy  D
Elsewir Shield Gervas No Heavy  A
Orcish Cerimonial Shield Gervas No Heavy  C
Scorpion Shield Zynthar No Light  B
Braided Shield Cgramnaes Yes Light  D
Gold Mithril Shield Sin No Light  A
Red Guard Shield MarkQuinn Yes Light  C
Dark Rose Shield KafeiDotour No Light  B
Bronze Chain Shield Ino Zenosis Yes Light  D
Draconic shield  Bad Any Yes Light  C
Tiled Shield PJ Yes Light  E
Wooden Soldier Shield PJ Yes Light  D
Metal Footman Shield PJ Yes Light  C
Large Soldier Shield PJ No Light  B
Meridia Shield PJ No Light  A
Azura Shield PJ No Light  A+
Void Mirror Shield OddBasket No Light  A+
Griffin Shield Phitt No Light  C
Elven Tower Shield VagabondAngel No Light  B
Light Silver Shield Gervas Yes Light  D
Nordic Shield Gervas Yes Light  E
Ancient Warrior Shield Gervas No Light  A


A+ Stats better than Daedric
A Stats similiar to Daedric
B Stats similiar to Ebony
C Stats similiar to Glass
D Stats similiar to Elven
E Stats similiar to Dwarven
F Stats similiar to Silver
G Stats similiar to Steel
H Stats similiar to Iron


Blade Weapons: 104
Name Author Buyable 1H / 2H Quality
Katana (8 var.) Severian1981 Yes One Handed H - G - F - E - D - C - B - A
Dai-Katana (8 var.) Severian1981 Yes Two Handed H - G - F - E - D - C - B - A
Tanto (8 var.) Severian1981 Yes One Handed Small H - G - F - E - D - C - B - A
Dragon Knight Talon Drakonnen No One Handed A
Father's Sword Waalx No One Handed A
Templar Longsword RDjeke No One Handed B
Icxth throttlekitty No One Handed C
Elven Scimitar  RDjeke Yes One Handed D
Warbrand TemplarGFX Yes One Handed E
Luciendar TemplarGFX No One Handed F
Kukri RDjeke Yes One Handed Small F
The Volkoth TemplarGFX Yes One Handed Small G
The Atlantean Sword Waalx No Two Handed A
Glaive (8 var.) Jounk33 Yes Two Handed H - G - F - E - D - C - B - A
War Scythe (8 var.) Jounk33 Yes Two Handed H - G - F - E - D - C - B - A
Short sabre (6 var.) Adonnay Yes One Handed Small G - F - E - D - B - A
Long sabre (6var.) Adonnay Yes Two Handed G - F - E - D - B - A
Sabre (6 var.) Adonnay Yes One Handed G - F - E - D - B - A
Longblades (4 var.) Adonnay Yes One Handed D - C - B - A
Apocalypse Sword TemplarGFX No Two Handed A+
Orcish claymore Marcos Armengol No Two Handed E
Pegasus Weapons (3 types) gorgonzola3000 No 1H small/1H/2H A+
Ayleid Weapons (5 types) Madcat No 1H small/1H/2H C
Valermos Sword TemplarGFX No One Handed A+
Gladius (2 var.) Grumblepunk Yes One Handed Small F - B
Rapier (2 var.) Cathegus Yes One Handed G - F
Ruby Claymore Lem No One Handed C
Quartz Shortsword Lem No One Handed Small C
Quartz Dagger Lem No One Handed Small C
Ivory Dagger clixboom Yes One Handed Small D
Omera Knife Heywood No One Handed Small B
Sacrifice Dagger PJ No One Handed Small E
Dagger of the Stars Homonkulos No One Handed Small A+
Aedra Dagger Homonkulos No One Handed Small A
Noble Dagger Coolman No One Handed Small B
Falcon Coolman No One Handed Small D
Leviathan Dagger Coolman No One Handed Small A
Scarab Dagger Coolman Yes One Handed Small H
Blue Ruby Dagger Coolman No One Handed Small A+
Imperial Dagger Coolman No One Handed Small C
Bastard Sword (4 var.) Adonnay Yes One / Two Handed H - G - F
Viking Sword (3 var.) Adonnay Yes One Handed G - F


Blunt Weapons: 79
Name Author Buyable 1H / 2H Quality
Scythe (4 var.) Tda Yes Two Handed G - C - B - A
Two-handed mace  (6 var.) RDjeke/Garymorrowind Yes Two Handed F - E - D - C - B
Mauler (4 var.) Templar GFX Yes One Handed H - G - F - E
Staff (8 var.) The MC Yes Two Handed H - G - F - E - D - C - B - A
Noble mace  nathansetz No One Handed B
Noble waraxe  nathansetz No One Handed B
One-handed Iron Hammer RDjeke Yes One Handed H
Mithril Waraxe RDjeke Yes One Handed D
Double-headed Battleaxe RDjeke Yes Two Handed D
Beared Waraxe  (2 var.) RDjeke Yes One Handed H - G
Beared Battleaxe  (2 var.) RDjeke Yes Two Handed H - G
Sephis Axe Tda No One Handed A
Bardiches (8 var.) Jounk33 Yes Two Handed H - G - F - E - D - C - B - A
Bartons (8 var.) Jounk33 Yes Two Handed H - G - F - E - D - C - B - A
Saracen mace TemplarGFX Yes One Handed D
Pegasus Weapons (3 types) gorgonzola3000 No 1H / 2H A+
Black Axe  TemplarGFX No One Handed A+
Black Legion Battleaxe  TemplarGFX No Two Handed B
Ayleid Weapons (5 types) Madcat No 1H / 2H C
Orcish Weapons (6 types) Armengol Yes 1H / 2H E - D
Alluvium Anvil  TemplarGFX No One Handed A+
Spicked War Axe / Battle axe Mr.Dave Yes 1H / 2H F
Ancient Orcish Hammer Mr.Dave No One Handed A
Ancient Orcish WarHammer Mr.Dave No Two Handed A
Orcish Sapat (3 var.) Mr.Dave Yes One Handed H - G - F
Finger of Death Mr.Dave No Two Handed A+
Orcish Cerimonial Axe Mr.Dave Yes Two Handed G
Orcish Two-Hnaded Axe Mr.Dave Yes Two Handed D
Dark Paladin Mace cultbrain No Two Handed A+
Hooked Battle Axe GuarTriner No Two Handed E
Legion Waraxe Cathegus Yes One Handed G
Skullcrusher Axe Nicoroshi No Two Handed A+


 Missile Weapons: 35
Name Author Buyable Quality
Dark Rose Bow Kafei No B
Warbow (6 var.) Adonnay Yes G - F - E - D - B - A
Cerimonial bow (6 var.) Adonnay Yes G - F - E - D - B - A
Bow (6 var.) Adonnay Yes G - F - E - D - B - A
Shortbow (2 var.) Adonnay Yes H - G
Pegasus Bow gorgonzola3000 No A+
Crude Longbow Windy Yes H
Elven Longbow Windy Yes D
Ayleid Bow  Madcat No C
Ornes' Bow TemplarGFX No A
Bow of Ash Nicoroshi Yes E
Bow of Blood Nicoroshi No B
Bow of Thorns Nicoroshi No A
Bow of the Hunter Nicoroshi Yes F
Doomshard Nicoroshi No A+
Bow of Shadows  Mandalore No C
Horseman Bow Nicoroshi No F
Wooden Horseman Bow Nicoroshi No G
Doon Bow GuarTriner No C


Francesco's new creatures add-on
Adds new, quality, user made creatures, you will have a chance to fight them mixed with the old ones.. chances to find a new creature are however smaller compared to vanilla ones.. about 1/5. The add-on currently features about 120 new creatures of many types/level ranges and dozens of new retextured variants of existing creatures/aniamls.. this will give unmatched variety in all circumstances. This part of the mod is aviable in a few variants.. you can install it with/without a size rescaling script and with/without additional Ai/Behavior scripts... more info below.
The new creatures add-on is also fully in game customizable, via a simple in game menu you will be able to adjust most of its scripts to your liking, for more info on in game mod customizability see the right section below in this readme.

-- Francesco's new creatures add-on with size rescaling script --
This script will dinamically, randomly resize creatures/generic npcs heights (within realistic ranges) applying also stats changes realed to the new height, bigger creatures will get a small boost in health/stats.. the increse is directly related to how much the creature get rescaled.. if it will be 10% bigger it will receive a 10% health bonus and a 10% bonus in all stats.. while if it's 5% smaller.. it will get a 5% malus to health/stats. The heights variation is not completely random.. to give a realistic experience creatures will most of the times have an average size while ones with noticiably bigger/smaller sizes are rarer. This script will affect both the new creatures and the vanilla ones/generic npcs. This script is mainly aimed to increase variation in encounters, thanks to it, for example, when you will encounter a group of bandtis.. these will realistically vary in height and won't be all the same.

-- Francesco's new creatures add-on with new Ai/Behaviors scripts --
These scripts will give animals a more credible attitude towards you.. they will flee/attack you depending on a few factors like their agression level and their confidence, non agressive animals will also turn towards you as you approach. These scripts will also give a chance to skeletons/zombies to rise back from death after a few minutes you have killed them increasing variety and unpredictability in undead themed dungeons. The amount of health it will have after raising from death is based on how much time it remained dead.. if it will rise after only a few seconds.. it will be very low on heath
It also adds many new ingredients including Axebane 2.5 ingredients/pelts + a few new ones added by me to the some of the new animals (so, for example, the hell hound has a piece of hell hound meat.. which is a powerful reagent with resist fire/fire shield/fire damage effects).
This component will also tweak the factions system.. adding more factions and tweaking factions relationships to make them more credible and realistic, animals like wolves/lions/bears/boars and creatures like ogres/trolls/minotaurs will have their unique factions and may randomly attack each other depending on their aggression, so, for example, you many now see, sometimes, ogres fighting trolls or wolves fighting boars, smaller creatures/animals have smaller chances to attack bigger ones.
This optional component now adds also a new AI package to aniamls giving them the ability to look for water to drink.

-- Francesco's new creatures add-on with new new creatures higher spawn frequency --  
This optional component will make the new creatures more common, you will encounter them more often. Install it if you think the new creatures are overly rare with the default setting.

A now the full list of the new creatures with their stats and credits:


A Lev 24+
B Lev 20 - 24
C Lev 16 - 20
D Lev 12 - 16
E Lev 8 - 12
F Lev 4 - 8
G Lev 1 - 4


Animals: 17
Name Author Difficulty Additional Info
Dark Wolf Jackmix69 F  
Dire Mountain Lion Jackmix69 E  
Dire Brown Bear Jackmix69 C  
Dire Boar Jackmix69 E  
Dire Rat Jackmix69 G  
Vicious Boar Jackmix69 E  
Leopard Guru E  
Snow Leopard Guru E usually found near mountains
Snow Lion Guru E usually found near mountains
White Tail Hound Guru D frost attack/resistence
Hell Hound Guru C fire attack/resistance
Phamar Grimdeath/LCE B  
Nightmare AlienSlof B  
Panther Koldorn E  
Goat Francesco G usually passive
Mountain Goat Francesco/Koldorn F
Water Rat Koldorn G passive, can be found near water sources


  Daedras: 20
Name Author Difficulty Additional Info
Iron Golem Demonizzer G  
Silver Golem Demonizzer F  
Gold Golem Demonizzer E  
Glass Golem Demonizzer D  
Ebony Golem Demonizzer C  
Magma Golem Demonizzer B fire damage/spells, fire resistence
Greater Daedroth Lazarus B  
Morphid Grimdeath/LCE E  
Herne Grimdeath/LCE F  
Hunger (2 var.) Grimdeath/LCE D  
Golden Saint Grimdeath/LCE A weapon and shield
Seducer  Zardalu / Francesco F can paralyze
Greater Scamp Koldorn E  
Arcane Golem Koldorn A  
Rock Golem Koldorn G  
Elder Hunger Koldorn B  
Greater Clannfear Growlf / Koldorn A
Demon Phitt / Koldorn B
Demon Lord Phitt / Koldorn A


  Undeads: 27
Name Author Difficulty Additional Info
Lich Lord Jackmix69 A
Undead Legion Soldier (2 var.) Lazarus E one handed weaps + shield or bows
Undead Legion Knight (2 var.) Lazarus D two handed weaps or bows
Undead Legion Lord Lazarus A two handed weaps + spells
Hell Knight (2 var.) Francesco B two handed weaps + fire attack
Ghostly Apparition Martigen C  
Dread Skeleton (several var.) J3X There's F - E - D - C  
Frozen Corpse Francesco D frost resistence/attack
Death Champion Francesco A  
Decaying Corpse (2 var.) Koldorn F - E  
Decayed Veteran Francesco C  
Blood Lich Koldorn B  
Tormented Wraith (2 var.) Koldorn C  
Burning Corpse Koldorn D immune to fire attacks
Flesh Golem (4 var.) Phitt / Koldorn D  
Ayleid Lich Mejas Sullipar B  
Ayleid Lich King Phitt A  
Undead Legion Master * Lazarus / demoncleaner A  
Undead Adventurer  (several var.) * demoncleaner F - E - D - C - B  


  Misc Creatures: 43
Name Author Difficulty Additional Info
Ogre Champion Jackmix69 B
Elder Ogre Jackmix69 A usually found as boss creature
Ancient Imp Jackmix69 E
Frost Giant Grimdeath/LCE A slow but very powerful
Gargoyle Grimdeath/LCE D
Lesser Gargoyle Grimdeath/LCE F
Werecrodile Grimdeath/LCE D
Dark Spider Grimdeath/LCE team E
Giant Spider Grimdeath/Renzekin F - E
Big Spider Grimdeath/LCE team G  
Guar  (2 var) Grimdeath/LCE team G - F usually passive
Werewolf  (3 var.) Jcarl D - C - B  
Ogre Berserker Francesco/Koldorn A  
Goblin Champion Francesco C  
Goblin Chieftain Francesco A  
Savage Dreugh Koldorn C  
Ancient Dreugh Koldorn B  
Black Minotaur (2 var.) Francesco D  
Scaled Imp Koldorn F  
Frost Imp Koldorn G resistant to frost, can cast frost bolt
Primal Troll Koldorn E
Nightmare Troll Phitt D usually found in interiors or at night
Hill Giant (8 var.) Phitt B usually found near hills, mountains
Armored Hill Giant (4 var.) Phitt A see above
Thorn Elemental Phitt D usually found in forests
Goblin Peon Prometeus F Goblin miner, often carries nuggets or gems
Wyvern * SaidenStorm B  
Ancient Wyvern * SaidenStorm A  
Land Dreugh Tormentor * Koldorn B  

Added in 4.5

Apart from adding all those creatures, the creatures add-on now also adds new retextured variants of many existing creatures/aniamls:
new lions, leopards, wolves, hungers, slaughterfishes, mudcrabs, liches, clanfears, daedroths, goblins and more! Credits to Koldorn, Cryonaut, Sabbath and Gored Guar.

Francesco's optional files 1
It's recommended to start a new game for these 3 parts of the mod to work at 100%,
if you don't want to start a new game don't worry simply do not use this part of the mod and start using it after your next restart. Note: Tests reported that a restart from the sewers exit is not enough to have the leveled quests optional part of the mod working at 100% with every npc leveled to the right level, you need to restart from the very beginning of the tutorial... sorry but this is how this game works.

Francesco's optional Leveled Quests
Tweaked main quests and guild quests, these quests will be much more static.. their difficulty will not be based on player level... if a quest is meant to be hard ... it will have strong enemies even if the player is low level, in this way you won't be able to become master of a guild at level 10. Loot you will find in these quests (and in the chests of their dungeons) will be based on their level and not on player level, so if at level 3 you try to finish a level 8 quest you will fight against level 8 enemies instead of level 3, and their loot will be the same as if you fought them at level 8.


Figthers Guild Quests
Quest number Min level Max level   Quest number Min level Max level
01 01 03   11 16 26
02 01 12   12 16 28
03 01 14   13 18 30
04 01 15   14 20 32
05 01 16   15 20 32
06 08 18   16 22 34
07 10 20   17 24 36
08 12 22   18 24 36
09 12 22   19 26 /
10 14 24  






What do min level and max level mean? Consider it in this way: if you do a quest between its min and max level it will be in terms of difficulty the same as in the original game, if you do it before the min level it will be harder or impossible dependig on the difference, if you do it after the max level it will start to be easier. If at level 5 you try to do the fighters guild number 11 quest ( 16-26 ) you will find level 16 enemies even if you are level 5 and their loot along with the one of the dungeon will be the same as if you were level 16. If you do the same quest at level 30, enemies will be capped at level 26, so it will be a bit easier. Similiar numbers are used for other other guilds quests and main quests.

Fenced money requests required to do the thieves guild quests are also increased, advancing in the thieves guild will require more time and effort:

Fenced money requests
Original Francesco's % Increase
50 50 +0%
100 150 +50%
200 300 +50%
300 500 +65%
400 750 +90%
500 1100 +120%
600 1500 +150%
700 1950 +180%
800 2450 +200%
1000 3000 +200%







This part of the mod will also make a few non quest dungeons significantly harder than others..
in these dungeons there will also be higher chances to find good loot.

Amber/Madness Items forging overhaul   -   Shivering Isles Only
ou can now forge high lev items with a low lev char and low lev items with an high lev char. Adds 3 different Amber/Madness qualities (impure, normal, pure)... high lev equipment requires more/better resources to be forged. As in vanilla Si.. amber/madness can be obtained by either killing Gnarl/Grummite creatures (but now the low lev variants will usually carry impure resources.. while higher lev ones will often carry pure resources) or looking for ore deposits/colums (in this case.. the impure/normal/pure chance is partially scaled for balance reasons.. but you still have at least a very small chance to find pure ore even at lev 1). Amber Materials List and Madness Ore Materials List books have been tweaked to show in-game the new resource requirements, which can also be seen in the tables below:

A1 Impure Amber
A2 Amber
A3 Pure Amber
M1 Impure Madnees Ore
M2 Madness Ore
M3 Pure Madness Ore


  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 / M1 3 /
Unpolished A1 / M1 4 100 gold
Lesser A1 / M1 5 400 gol
Normal A2 / M2 3 /
Fine A2 / M2 4 400 gold
Very Fine A2 / M2 5 1200 gold
Grand A3 / M3 3 1200 gold
Perfect A3 / M3 4 3000 gold
  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure M1 4 /
Unpolished M1 5 125 gold
Lesser M1 6 500 gol
Normal M2 4 /
Fine M2 5 500 gold
Very Fine M2 6 1500 gold
Grand M3 4 1500 gold
Perfect M3 5 3500 gold
  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 / M1 2 /
Unpolished A1 / M1 3 100 gold
Lesser A1 / M1 4 400 gol
Normal A2 / M2 2 /
Fine A2 / M2 3 400 gold
Very Fine A2 / M2 4 1200 gold
Grand A3 / M3 2 1200 gold
Perfect A3 / M3 3 3000 gold


  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 2 /
Unpolished A1 3 80 gold
Lesser A1 4 300 gol
Normal A2 2 /
Fine A2 3 300 gold
Very Fine A2 4 900 gold
Grand A3 2 900 gold
Perfect A3 3 2500 gold
  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 4 /
Unpolished A1 5 125 gold
Lesser A1 6 500 gol
Normal A2 4 /
Fine A2 5 500 gold
Very Fine A2 6 1500 gold
Grand A3 4 1500 gold
Perfect A3 5 3500 gold
  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure M1 2 /
Unpolished M1 3 80 gold
Lesser M1 4 300 gol
Normal M2 2 /
Fine M2 3 300 gold
Very Fine M2 4 900 gold
Grand M3 2 900 gold
Perfect M3 3 2500 gold


  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 / M1 5 /
Lesser A1 / M1 7 150 gold
Normal A2 / M2 5 150 gold
Fine A2 / M2 7 400 gold
Grand A3 / M3 5 400 gold
Perfect A3 / M3 7 900 gold
  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 / M1 3 /
Lesser A1 / M1 4 100 gold
Normal A2 / M2 3 100 gold
Fine A2 / M2 4 250 gold
Grand A3 / M3 3 250 gold
Perfect A3 / M3 4 600 gold
  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 / M1 2 /
Lesser A1 / M1 3 75 gold
Normal A2 / M2 2 75 gold
Fine A2 / M2 3 200 gold
Grand A3 / M3 2 200 gold
Perfect A3 / M3 3 400 gold


  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 / M1 2 /
Lesser A1 / M1 3 75 gold
Normal A2 / M2 2 75 gold
Fine A2 / M2 3 200 gold
Grand A3 / M3 2 200 gold
Perfect A3 / M3 3 400 gold
  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 / M1 2 /
Lesser A1 / M1 3 75 gold
Normal A2 / M2 2 75 gold
Fine A2 / M2 3 200 gold
Grand A3 / M3 2 200 gold
Perfect A3 / M3 3 400 gold
  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 / M1 2 /
Lesser A1 / M1 3 75 gold
Normal A2 / M2 2 75 gold
Fine A2 / M2 3 200 gold
Grand A3 / M3 2 200 gold
Perfect A3 / M3 3 400 gold


Arrows (x25)
  Resource Quantity Additional Res.
Item Quality      
Impure A1 / M1 1 /
Unpolished A1 / M1 2 15 gold
Lesser A1 / M1 3 50 gol
Normal A2 / M2 1 /
Fine A2 / M2 2 50 gold
Very Fine A2 / M2 3 150 gold
Grand A3 / M3 1 150 gold
Perfect A3 / M3 2 400 gold

Francesco's optional Leveled Arena

Level capped arena combatants
, they will have minimum and maximum levels based on their rank, their equipment will also be based on their level alone and not on player's level like in the vanilla game, in this way you will not be able to finish the arena at level 5 and if you start it with a very high level charachter the first fights will be easier as one would expect. Higher ranked combatants now have also a chance to use magic weapons. The arena champion is not level capped so it will always be a challange.

Arena Ranks Difficulty
Rank Min Lev Max Lev
Pitdogs 1 8
Brawlers 4 12
Bloodletters 8 14
Myrmidons 12 18
Warriors 16 24
Gladiators 18 30
Heroes 22 35
Champion 28 /







Gold rewards are also increased for all ranks except the first one:

Arena Gold Rewards
Rank Original Francesco's % Increase
Pitdogs 50 50 +0%
Brawlers 100 125 +25%
Bloodletters 150 225 +50%
Myrmidons 200 350 +75%
Warriors 250 500 +100%
Gladiators 300 675 +125%
Heroes 350 875 +150%
Champion 400 1000 +150%






Francesco's optional Leveled Guards
In the original game every guard leveled with you, so they were always a challenge even at very high level. With this part of the mod guards are level capped ranging from level 15 to 30, stronger guards usually (but not always) defend more important places. Night guards are sometimes a little weaker. You have to restart to have this part of the mod working at 100%.. read above in the leveled quests optional part section for info about this issue. Guards will aslo have torches in their inventories and will use them at night.
This part of the mod now also adds more patrols along roads... you will find single guards patrolling roads or even small groups made up of 2-3 guards.

Francesco's optional files 2

Francesco's optional Dungeons Chests Loot
Boss chests
at the end of a dungeon have more gold and better loot, normal chests around a dungeon have a bit less gold compared to the original game, this to make things a little more realistic, a bandit band should keep its gold and treasures in only one place instead of scatter them around a cave, boss chests will have gold and loot of the whole band while normal chests will have those of single bandits. You can expect to find about 50% less gold in normal chests but the total loot of the dungeon will be a bit higher becasue boss chests will have much more gold and also more chances to have gems, jewelry, potions scrolls etc. in this way after finishing a dungeon and killing the boss you can expect something worth the time. This applies to most types of dungeons but not to undead themed dungeons. This also will raise a little bit the chance to find armors and weapons in dungeons chests, making thieving and dungeon crawling in general more interesting, the difference is not big and not noticiable in a single chest but in a whole dungeon will let you find a couple of more pieces of armors/weapons. You can find an example of how this works in the readme.
This part of the mod now also adds misc items like food, ingredients and clothes to dungeons chests improving loot variety by a lot.

Francesco's optional Houses Chests Loot
Tweaks middle and upper classes house chests to make thieving more interesting, diverse, and rewarding. In vanilla Oblivion houses chests were very poor and in no way rewarding for the thieves... this parts of the mod adds more weapons/armors to houses armories (increasing also their quality) with a chance to have also magic weapons and armors. The gap between middle and upper tresury chests is also now higher.. but not always an upper class chest will have better loot than a middle one.. it will happen most of the times though. Tresury chests will defenitely be more rewarding.. and also more diverse. Silver clutter value has also been raised a little bit. Detailed comparisons betwen how house armory and tresury chests work in my mod and how they used to work in vanilla Oblivion can be found below:


House Armories Loot, number of armor pieces/weapons:
  0 1 2 3 4 6
Original Loot 1.5% 23.5% 33% 42% 0% 0%
Fra's Middle Class loot 1.5% 12% 28% 21% 16.5% 21%

Fra's Upper Class loot

0.8% 9.6% 24% 25.% 14.5% 25.5%





But it's not only the number of items to be increased.. it's also the quality of these.. while in Vanilla Oblivion you can hardly find anything better than steel.. this part of the mod gives you the chance to find even very valuable items.. upper class chests will often be even more rewarding than a dungeon boss chest.

House Treasuries Loot, number of armor pieces/weapons:
Original middle class 1-10 gold coins + 10% a piece of jewelry + 2*75% clutter items
Original upper class 1-10 gold coins + 25% a piece of jewelry + 3*75% clutter items

Fra's Middle Class loot

original loot + 3*55% chance of an additional gem/jewelry piece/more gold

Fra's Upper Class loot

original loot + 3*80% chance of an additional gem/jewelry piece/more gold





Francesco's optional Dungeons Chests Locks
This optional plug-in randomizes chests locks making them lesser based on player level, chests with harder locks will usually also have better loot. Dungeon chests that used to be always locked will also have a small chance to be unlocked.. while chests that used to be always unlocked will have a chance to be locked with a random lock.
It also adds a small chance to put traps on locked chestst.. the strenght of the trap is tied to the difficulty of the lock, when the player tries to open a trapped chest a check is made on his security skill.. if the check fails the trap is fired.. if the check doesn't fail a message is displayed informing the player that the chest could be trapped.. if he then tries to open it again.. a second security check is done.. in case even this second check is succesful the trap is disarmed.
The plug-in adds also a very small chance for every dungeon chest (NPCs themed dungeons only) to be locked and trapped with a "guardian" near the chest holding the key to open it, the difficulty of the guardian is random.. the higher his strenght.. the bigger the loot inside the chest.

Francesco's optional files 3

Francesco's optional Chance of More Enemies
Aimed to those who like a more hard and/or action oriented game.. it will increase the number of enemies found in dungeons. This part of the mod is aviable in 3 variants: normal/hardcore/extra-hardcore. I would recommend the normal version to any of you who wants a little more challenge and more diverse dungeons while keeping the original game feeling untouched, the hardcore version mostly to those who like more action and/or much more intensive dungeons, I recommend the extra-hardcore variant to those who seek a very hard and arcade game (high end system is recommended for this variant). A comparison table showing how the 3 different variants work can be found below:


Creatures, number of enemies per spawn point:
  Normal   Hardcore   Extra-Hardcore
Player Lev 1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4 6 8
01 89% 11% 0% 0%   66% 33% 0% 0%   33% 50% 0% 16% 0% 0%
03 85% 10% 5% 0%   55% 30% 15% 0%   28% 42% 8% 16% 7% 0%
06 82% 12% 6% 0%   44% 37% 19% 0%   22% 41% 10% 18% 9% 0%
10 78% 13% 7% 2%   35% 40% 20% 5%   18% 37% 10% 23% 10% 2%
14 75% 14% 8% 3%   23% 43% 24% 10%   12% 28% 12% 26% 12% 5%
20 72% 14% 9% 5%   15% 43% 28% 14%   8% 28% 14% 28% 14% 7%
25 71% 13% 10% 6%   12% 40% 30% 17%   6% 26% 15% 28% 15% 9%
30 70% 12% 11% 7%   9% 37% 32% 22%   5% 22% 16% 30% 16% 11%







NPCs, number of enemies per spawn point:
  Normal   Hardcore   Extra-Hardcore
Player Lev 1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4 6 8
01 94% 6% 0% 0%   83% 17% 0% 0%   55% 38% 0% 6% 0% 0%
04 92% 6% 2% 0%   75% 20% 5% 0%   50% 38% 3% 7% 2% 0%
09 91% 8% 3% 0%   65% 26% 9% 0%   43% 38% 6 9% 3% 0%
12 85% 10% 5% 0%   55% 30% 15% 0%   37% 38% 10% 10% 5% 0%
18 80% 13% 7% 0%   40% 40% 20% 0%   27% 40% 13% 13% 7% 0%
25 79% 12% 7% 2%   37% 37% 20% 6%   24% 38% 13% 16% 7% 2%
30 77% 12% 8% 3%   32% 37% 21% 10%   21% 35% 13% 19% 8% 3%







o keep the game someway balanced (it will still be harder, but not impossible) when 2 or more creatures are spawned they are taken from different spawn lists where weaker lower level creatures are more common than stronger ones. A dungeon will never be the same twice.. one time you may find in it 10 enemies the second time 20.. it's a matter of how lucky you are.

Francesco's optional Chance of Stronger Enemies
Adds the chance to spawn stronger higher level enemies. For what concerns the wilderness.. this chance is regional based.. it will vary on how far you are in the wilderness, for dungeons it will vary a little from one to another according to how many spawns of this type are placed into it. There's a total of 260 new unique npcs (320 if using the SI version)  each of them with an unique, racially appropriate, name, with a personalized loot based on their level and not on player level and with different combat styles.. there are 3-4 different combat styles for each type of npc.. for example one could more likely dodge blows while another could do more power attacks, this will give an unique feeling to each of these enconunters. For what concerns creatures there will be a small chance for every spawn in a dungeon or in the wilderness to fight stronger creatures compared to the ones you can find in that place at that particular player level.. so if at level 1 you can only find regular goblins there will be a small chance to find a goblin skirmisher/berserker or even shaman.. their loot will be based on their level so if the warlord is a level 18 creature his loot will be as if you found it at level 18 even if you are level 6.

    NPCs: 1.85% chance to find a stronger, unique, NPC for each dungeon spawn point
  NPC Level
Player Level 30 20 15 10
15 1.85% 0% 0% 0%
13 1.4% 0.45% 0% 0%
11 0.9% 0.9% 0% 0%
9 0% 1.4% 0.45% 0%
7 0% 0.9% 0.9% 0%
5 0% 0% 1.4% 0.45%
3 0% 0% 0.9% 0.9%
1 0% 0% 0% 1.85%

    Creatures: 10% chance to find a stronger creature for each dungeon spawn point (Goblins example)
Player Level Warlord Shaman Berserker Skirmisher
15 10% 0% 0% 0%
12 5% 5% 0% 0%
09 2.5% 5% 2.5% 0%
07 1.3% 4.1% 4.6% 0%
05 0% 2.5% 5.8% 1.6%
03 0% 1.3% 4.5% 4.1%
01 0% 0% 3.3% 6%





This means for example that at level 7 you will find 90% of the times goblins suited for your level spawned by the normal spawns (normal goblins or goblins skirmisher, examples of normal spawns are below in the npc spawns section) 1.3% goblin warlod, 4.1% goblin shaman, 4.6% goblin berskerker. Note: if using the leveled quests part this applies to generic dungeons only.. as quest related dungeons and a few non quest ones are tweaked by the leveled quests making them static (so you will find high/low lev creatures/loot no matter your level)

For what concerns wilderness.. the chance to find  a stronger enemy is higher the farer you adventure:

Wilderness Regional Difficulty:
Region Chance of stronger enemy
Roads 5%
Farmlands / Plains 7.5%
Deep Forest / Hills 12.5%
Mountains 14.2%
Forset M. / Swamps 16.6%
Snow Mountains 20%

Francesco's optional Chance of Stronger Bosses
Adds a small chance to spawn a stronger bosses compared to the usual ones. Their loot is based on their level and not player level, so if at level 1 you find a level 7 boss, this will have loot as if you found it at level 7. The chance of a stronger boss spawning is 16.6% for NPCs and 20% for creatures, if this seems high to you consider that we are speaking of dungeon bosses, a few dungeons do not even have a boss and most of the others have only 1 boss, so a 16.6% chance means that you will find a stronger boss once every 6 dungeons you explore, so it won't happen often. These bosses now have names, personalized combat styles and loot. Reference tables showing how this part of the mod works are aviable below.

    NPCs: 16.6% chance to find a stronger, unique boss
  NPC Boss Level
Player Level 30 20 15 10
20 16.6% 0% 0% 0%
14 4.1% 12.5% 0% 0%
07 0% 4.1% 12.5% 0%
01 0% 0% 4.1% 12.5%

    Creatures 20% chance to find a stronger boss
(goblins example)
  Goblin Boss
Player Level Warlord Shaman Berserker
13 20% 0% 0%
08 5% 15% 0%
01 0% 5% 15%







Francesco's optional files 4

Francesco's optional More Wildernss Life
This optional plug-in will add new spawn points to the wilderness to fill the previously empty areas. Mainly aimed to those who want more action in the wilderness, if installed togeter with the creatures add-on, this can also help to see more inter-faction relationships between animals/creatures (credits to Dae). The plug-in is now aviable in 3 versions: normal, hardcore, extra-hardcore. The normal version is recommended to those who want more life in the wilderness but don't like big spawns of animals/creatures togeter and want to keep roads safer, the hardcore version to those who seek more action even along roads, the extra-hardcore one to those who want action at all costs.

Francesco's optional Vendor Tweaks
In vanilla Oblivion you used to find chainmail/dwarven mithril/orcish armors and weapons in the loot of monsters before seeing their appearance in shops, so for exemple by the time you saw an orcish armor in a shop you already had a full set of it found in marauders loot, this made armor/weapons shops nearly useless after reaching level 6-7, now you will find those stuff in shops many levels before the original game but at increased prices, I had to increase prices because if not it would have been too easy to buy certain items at the very first levels, it's a sort of trade-off.. want a weapon before? Ok just pay more than it's normal value.. do not want to pay that much? Wait few levels and you will may find it in the loot of a killed enemy.. I think it makes much more sense than in the original game. Prices were increased (of about 30-50% depending on the item) only for dwarven-orcish-chainmail-mithril armors and silver-dwarven-elven weapons in shops, those found in monsters loots will have the original value.

Francesco's optional New Adventurers
Adds many new types of adventurers like Tomb Raiders, Bounty Hunters, Vampire Hunters and many new common Adventurer variants. You will have a chance to meet them (even in small groups) in most types of dungeons. Tomb Riders are found in Tombs.. they usually use stealth to avoid the undeads and reach/loot the chests, will often see you as competitor and may attack you. Bounty Hunters are found in bandits caves/hideouts.. they won't loot chests.. just look in the dungeon for their mark, may see you as a competitor and attack you. Vampire Hunters are found in vampires themed dungeons, they, often in groups, look for vampires to kill.. will usually ignore the player.. unless he's a vampire too.. in this case.. he will be attacked on sight. Adventurers can found in any dungeon type.. often in groups, can loot chest, some of them use stealth.. are usually friendly.. but will attack the player on some occasions.


Francesco's optional files Misc

Francesco's slower skills
Based on bofra's Level Rates Modified mod, this will make skills progression speed slower (slowing in this way player leveling up).. you can choose between a 50% slower skills, 2 times slower skills and 3 times slower skills. Not every skill will be affected in the same manner, in fact some of them (those that used to raise slower compared to the other ones) will not be touched or will be affected in a minor way. Below you can find comparison tables between the 3 version of this part of the mod.

Francesco's Slower Skills
  Slower Skills x1.5   Slower Skills x2   Slower Skills x3
Skill  Value 1 Value 2   Value 1 Value 2   Value 1 Value 2
Acrobatics x1.5 x1.5   x2 x2   x3 x3
Alchemy -- --   -- --   x1.5 x1.5
Alteration -- --   -- x1.5   -- x2
Armorer x.1.5 --   x2 --   x3 --
Athletics x.1.5 --   x2 x1.5   x3 x2
Blade x.1.5 --   x2 --   x3 --
Block x.1.5 --   x2 --   x3 --
Blunt x.1.5 --   x2 --   x3 --
Conjuration -- x.1.5   -- x2   -- x3
Destrucion -- x.1.5   -- x2   -- x3
Hand to Hand x.1.5 --   x2 --   x3 --
Heavy Armor x.1.5 --   x2 --   x3 --
Illusion -- --   -- x1.5   -- x2
Light Armor x1.5 --   x2 --   x3 --
Marksman x1.5 --   x2 --   x3 --
Mercantile /2 --   /2 --   /2 --
Mysticism -- --   -- --   -- x1.5
Restoration -- --   -- x1.5   -- x2
Security -- --   -- --   x1.5 --
Sneak x1.5 x1.5   x2 x2   x3 /3
Speachcraft /1.5 --   /1.5 --   /1.5 --















Value 1 = Speed modification on value 1 (example: Athletics seconds of running)
Value 2 = Speed modification on value 2 (example: Athletics seconds of swimming)
-- = no value present or unchanged
x1.5, x2, x3 = 50%, 2 times, 3 times slower than the original game
/1.5, /2 = 50%, 2 times faster

Francesco's respawn time
This will change the respawn time of exterior cells and dungeons. In the original game the respawn time was of 3 days.. many think that this is too short, in my mod you can raise it to 7, 10, 14 and 21 days. There is no value that I would recommend to every one.. it depends on your gaming style, keep in mind that every time you enter in a cell the respawn timer will restart. For this reason an high value could not be the best choice if you usually do not travel with fast travel, I would suggest 3 or 7 days if you never fast travel, 10 or 14 days if you sometimes use fast travel, 21 days only to those who most of the times use fast travel.

Francesco's day length rescale
Tme passes very fastly in the original game.. if you play 1 hour 30 game hours will pass.. in my mod you can, if you want, rescale the length of the day making it longer, you can choose among 5 different settings.. 1-12, 1-16, 1-20, 1-24 and the default 1-30. This is mostly a cosmetic change but having a longer day can improve both atmosphere and realism. Depending on what you choose in the respawn time page the installer will hide some of these choices to prevent unexperienced users to choose something that could mess up their game, in fact having both a long respawn cycle and a long day can cause the respawn to not happen often enough. Below you can find a list of choices you will have with every respwan time setting.

Respawn time Length of the day
3 1-12   1-16   1-20   1-24   1-30
7 1-12   1-16   1-20   1-24   1-30
10 1-16   1-20   1-24   1-30
14 1-20   1-24   1-30
21 1-24   1-30

Francesco's level up mini mod

Changes the amount of skill gains required to level up from 10 to 12. Leveling up will be 20% slower, you will also be 20% stronger in terms of skills compared to a same level character leveled up with the classic 10 skill/1 level system, also.. those 2 skill gains more per level will help you to have better stats multiplers, while this will not make a noticable difference at lower-mid levels, at higher levels (15+) this will help you to become a bit stronger compared to leveled npcs.


With the 4.0 release the mod is now fully in game customizable, along with the new creatures add-on customizability which was in the mod since 3.3.. you will be able to tweak in game dozens of settings regarding loot.. easily, quickly, building your own loot type. To open the menu simply open the console, then type "startquest FranMenu" (without quotes), close the console and wait a couple of seconds for the menu to show up.

In this section of the menu you will be able to switch from a loot type to another.. or build your own custom one. In the first page you will be able to switch from the various default loot settings (normal, hardcore, extra-hardcore) or enter in the custom loot page. The custom loot page is splitted in two parts.. a basic and an advanced one NOTE: You can check the loot spreadsheet to see the resulting loot tables of all the 100 different loot settings.

Basic custom loot will give you the ability to set a value (ranging from 0 to 99) which will controll valuable items rarity in every type of loot (NPCs.. creatures, chests etc.), the higher the value the rarer valuable items will be. 0 equals to normal loot, 50 to hardcore loot and 75 to extra-hardcore loot... setting it to 25 would give you something in the middle between normal and hardcore loot.. while setting it to 90 would make valuable items really extremely rare.. I'm sure you got it.

Advanced custom loot gives you the ability to tweak a lot of additional settings.. here you can really tailor the loot system to match your taste. You can set different loot values for every type of NPC and chests. It works like the basic loot page.. but in this case every NPCs and chests have their own separated settings to give you more control. As in the basic custom loot page you can set a value ranging from 0 to 99.. where higher values means lower chances to find valuable items.

Several miscellanous settings concerning loot can be done here:

ou are given 3 buttons to increase chests loot... setting "more gold" to "enabled" would give a 25% chance to find more gold in normal chests and a 100% chance in boss chests, enabling "more gems/jewelry" gives a +20% chance to find gems/jewelry pieces, enabling "more weapons/armors" gives a +16% chance to find a weapon or an armor piece. You can also disable/enable the randomize locks/trapped chest component (see Dungeons Chests Lock section). In the dungeons chests locks sub section you are given the ability to adjust the trapped / key locked chests chances.

Here you can control the frequency with magic items get spawned.. the value ranges from -100% (which would completely disable magic items) to +100% (which means magic items all the time!)... you have to be careful with this setting as a too high value can severely unblance the game.. in fact while values below 0 consists in a relative decreases (so.. if a particular NPC normally has a 10% chance to have a magic weapon .. setting this value to -50% would lower the chance to 5%).. values above 0 consists in absolute increases (setting it to +50% will increase the chance of an npc who normally has 10% chance to have a magic weapon up to 60%).. for this reason even a +1% is a good increase and I wouldn't suggest going above +5% if you want a balanced loot.

- DURABLE WEAPONS   -   Shivering Isles Only
If this is enabled SI new durable weapons will be found in Tamriel too providing better continuity between the main lands and the official expansion
Just disable it if you want to keep these new weapons variants a SI exclusive.

New Items Add-on
Here you can enable/disable the items add-on and change the new items spawn chance. There are separated ratios for each armor piece (boots, cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, helm, shield) and weapons. Magic items ratios are separated from normal ones. Let's do an example to see how it works... boots, by default, have a ratio of 1/6.. this means that, statistically, a new pair of boots of the add-on will spawn every 6 pairs of boots you find... so lowering the ratio to 1/5 would actually make new boots more common... 1/1 would completely replace vanilla boots spawning new boots all the time.

This mod permits to easily add new items to the loot lists. While this can't obviously done in game.. it's still quite easy and very fast with at least a very basic knowledge of the CS. This is what you need to do:

- Open the CS and load the items add-on.ESM togeter with the third party mod containing the item(s) you want to add to my loot lists.
- Go in the items lists page and scroll down till you find the lists starting with "FranLLA0AddOn" ... as you can see there are separated lists for every type of item/level range.. find the appropriate lists for your new item.. in case it's a mace.. FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h lists is what you will be aiming for, where Weap means it's a weapon and mace 1h means it's a one handed mace like weapon, once you have found them you will need to put the new item inside the appropriate list level.. there are 7 different levels for armors and 9 for weapons.. the higher the level the rarer the item will be in the lists, putting your mace in the level 1 mace1h list would make the item very low lev and common... while with the lev 20 list the item would be treated like a daedric item, lev 25 lists are for better than daedric items.
- After putting the item inside the appropriate list, there's still something left to do. Open the script editing window, click on Open and scroll down untill you find scripts starting with FranLoot2.. these scripts are used by the 4.0 loot system to tell the NPCs to equip the armors/weapons after the script has processed their loot. They aren't much more than a list of items... there's a bunch of different scripts containing different types of items: FranLoot2Armor1 (heavy cuirasses, boots, helms) FranLoot2Armor2 (heavy gauntlets, greaves, shields) FranLoot2Armor3 (light cuirasses, boots, helms) FranLoot2Armor4 (light gauntlets, greaves, shields) FranLoot2Blade (blade weapons) FranLoot2Blunt (blunt weapons) FranLoot2Missile (ranged weapons). Simply open the appropriate script, in this case, considering it's a mace.. open FranLoot2Blunt.. then scroll down the script and at the end of it, before the last "endif", type NPC.equipitem followed by your item editor id, if the mace's editor id is NewMace01 simply type NPC.equipitem NewMace01.
-  Save the script, save the ESP and close the CS, we are done, now you will be able to find the new mace in every type of loot, at any level, with appropriate chances related to the list level you placed it into.

New Creatures Add-on
This section deals with the creatures add-on, you can rise/lower the factions relationships modifier for more/less factions fights, rise/lower the size rescaling chance and the max/min scale caps, rise/lower the chance for undeads to rise back from death once you have killed them and the rising timer, tweak animals behaviors: you are able to adjust the flee on sight, flee if low on health and passive chances (applies to usually hostile animals.. lions, bears, wolves and boars) and also the "look for water" chance.

Combat Behavior
Here you are able to customize NPCs fleeing chance, just rise the modifiers to get higher fleeing chances... lower them to make the chance smaller. Setting both modifiers to 0 will force the NPCs to never flee.

Manage Settings
Here you are able to store your custom settings or load them if you have previously saved them. You can also reset everything to defaults.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, drop them here Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items 4.5  ( official forums thread )

In case the thread is outdated/locked just search for the newest one.